(Participant of IIDALA Miracle Course, 2017)


I came to the Iidala Miracle Course with an open heart, but didn’t have any expectations. I had taken a Breathsession only once before and even though it helped me to get clarity in some issues, then i felt, yes, it’s quite cool, but probably not for me. Back then, i guess, it wasn’t! During the whole 10 weeks of this course i was thinking to myself, that it simply can’t get any better, but it did!

I am sooo-sooo grateful to myself that i signed up for Miracle Course, cause thanks to your teachings, stories and practical exercises, i’ve reached a place, where i feel good creating, living and feel good in my body. I’ve learned to live much more in the NOW and enjoy every situation that comes up, cause life is one big miracle! I have reached a stage where i’m actually here for myself and i haven’t felt that feeling for such a long time.

 Thank you for being Real! Thank you for the courage of sharing! Thank you for the skill of being here for me, always at the right time!

So many times, I have found myself wishing that every person on Earth could come and breath with you, cause it’s so cool! :D So crazy-amazing! I’m so happy that you entered my life and taught me to live fully! THANK YOU!