(Participant of “IIDALA Miracle Course”, 2017)


I like the life in You and in everything you share. That’s also the reason why listening to you, i don’t get the feeling that you are simply talking about something you read from a book just a few moments ago. Instead, it’s actually experienced, sensed all the way through, practical and so precise that i sometimes want to pinch myself to be sure it’s real. And then it hits you…oh dear God, IT IS REAL! 

Thanks to your course, i feel more and more ME. And it’s so great! I truly enjoy!
I’m using the tools, that you shared, every day. They work.
This course has been an amazing gift for myself. Thank you!

PS. Very good sense of humor is like a cherry on the top!

It would be wonderful, if you and life had something inspiring and great, that helps us to keep on rollerscating on the treetops, still in the making, for us to enjoy!