(participant of “Abundant relationship: mother and child”, 2018) 

“This course found me when i experienced that i was falling, falling… I was on the very edge and thanks to my daughter Heleri’s motivation, i turned into an avid student. My whole previous life has been one big fear of everything new and specially being in the company of strangers.  But weirdly enough, since our very first meeting with Iida, i felt comfortable and safe, as if we’d known each other before…

To my own surprise i have changed into more joyful, courageous and confident human being. Strangely enough, we have been receiving more guests (before no-one really ever came…) and i can even enjoy them and communicate freely. And i find myself actually searching for positive challenges in my everyday life, i’m contacting and visiting old acquaintances.

The Breath session was also a vital part of the course. To me, it was a first-ever encounter with this method and in gratitude, i was able to release many fears. Thank you!


There was enough materials, although they were so interesting, exciting and well-written, that i would not have mind having more. All the exercises were one-of-a-kind and inviting to try. Some i have surely somehow missed the first time, but will find them when i go through the materials again and when the time is right. The audio-guide was also fresh and interesting to me. I shall try to find more presence and calmness to listen and truly feel. And i will find that time.

What spoke to me the most, were acknowleding and the “ST” exercise, that truly woke me up, so i took real action steps, not to repeat the life my parents had. I let go of fear i had towards my dear husband. I used to do everything for him and pushed him away from the family that way. We’ve always had good relations, but now we feel even more love and passion than before. He has not dared or known how to express to me how needed this course was for me and the family, but he has spoken to our oldest daughter and asked her to find more of similar courses to me or to both of us.
I will forever cherish the acknowledgements, you warm look and shiny smile… To my everyday life, i will take the conspect, letter-of-joy and the reminder that “all of my time is my time”.
The greatest miracle! I have obtained an invisible protection, that keeps all the bad stuff away and draws in an abundance of love and joy!
What i enjoyed the most in this course, were the practical exercises: i could try them out anywhere and all the time and see the immediate results. Sometimes they worked well, and sometimes even better! Most of the time i’m home with at least 3 kids and they are my best teachers, reflectors and evaluators. Thanks to them and to your teachings, i will be on the everlasting path of development and evolution in my everyday life.
Continue with the courses, you do it so well! Support and embrace!